The human body is one of the most complex systems of flesh, bone, tissue and vital organs. One of the most important parts of the body is the one that controls all other functions of the body – the brain. The brain is important because all of the decision-making of the body goes through the brain. However, when damaged, the functionality of the brain can be effected.

In recent years, the medical profession has made great strides in identifying problems related to brain injuries. It was only five or ten years ago when if someone hit their head, they were allowed to continue playing a sport or activity after only a few minutes. With more research, the medical industry is finding that blows to the head are causing the brain to swell, and that it needs a substantial amount of time to return to normal. The severity and reoccurrence of the head blows can have an impact on whether the person has a headache, concussion or are suffering from a Traumatic Brain Injury. Depending upon what they have can have an effect on the complications and long-term prognosis.

Researcher have drawn conclusions that trauma to the head can lead to complications such as headaches, memory loss, mood alterations and more. Due to the fact that the brain is hidden, injuries to the brain have been overlooked for years. However, with advances in understanding how brain injuries can affect people, a greater emphasis has been placed on injuries to the brain, and more research will lead to greater understanding in the future.


Traumatic Brain Injuries

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